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23 Bright Tropical Home Office Decor Ideas

18+ Bright Tropical Office Decoration Ideas

Tropical Home Office Design - With all this quarantine we incredibly miss vacations, beaches and tropics but don't get upset, you can get this beauty home! We've already shared some ideas to create a tropical interior, and today we'd like to continue this series with tropical home offices as many of us have to work from home. Ready to feel that tropical breeze in your home office?

Colors Scheme And Styles

Yes, your home office will be tropical but what's the style? You can rock anything you like but the most popular options are glam, mid-century modern and boho but again - choose what you really love, even a Nordic space can be designed with a tropical twist.

As for colors, green is a must - however you bring it, it should be here for a lush tropical feel in your space. White or neutrals are usually in the basic color scheme, and you may also bring some bright shades like pink, yellow or orange that are characteristic of tropics. Brass and gold are usually incorporated into tropical spaces, too, for a shiny and sparkly touch in the home office.

Furniture And Decor

Choose the furniture accordingly to the style you've chosen: vintage, modern, minimalist, boho or some other. For a tropical look, choose rattan furniture or something in colonial style. You'll need a desk, a chair or chairs, maybe an ottoman and a storage unit for papers and other stuff - its size usually depends on the amount of stuff you have. Don't forget some lights - built-ins, table lamps and even floor ones. Add an accent wall with tropical wallpaper - it will create a mood in your space, and finish off the home office decor with bright tropical wall art or a gallery wall.

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Tropical Home Office
Tropical Home Office Design
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Tropical Home Office Ideas
Pollo Tropical Home Office
Tropical Smoothie Home Office
Tropical Smoothie Cafe Home Office
a tropical home office done with sand and water colors, with a woven trash can, tropical plants and leather chairs-
a tropical home office with a mural on the wall, a white trestle, a geometric table and a white chair-
a simple tropical home office with an accent wall, a wooden desk, a grey chair and a clock is very chic-
a neutral and airy home office with IKEA furniture, some simple artworks and potted tropical plants everywhere-
a glam home office with pink tropical artworks, a pink chair with a sequin pillow and other touches of pink-
a bright tropical home office with tropical wallpaper, bright artworks and potted plants, a vintage desk and pink furniture-
a chic tropical home office nook with a rattan chair, gold table lamps, tropical artworks and a white desk-
a neutral tropical home office with a large gallery wall, a white floral chandelier, lots of plants, a trestle desk and baskets-
a bright tropical home office nook with a tropical leaf wall, a pink storage unit and art and touches of gold and brass-
a small tropical home office with a tropical accent wall, a rattan lamp, a sheer chair, touches of gold here and there-
a cool and inviting tropical home office with a tropical leaf wall, woven shades, a tropical plants and touches of pink-
a bright and glam tropical home office with an accent wall, green and white boxes, a gold glass desk, brass planters and a glam chair-
a mid-century modern home office in neutrals, with a vintage wooden desj, potted plants and a tropical artwork-
a small boho tropical home office nook with a tropical wall, a white chair, pampas grass, a wicker lamp and an artwork-
a mid-century modern tropical home office with a wooden desk and a vintage metal chair, potted plants and cacti plus a chevron artwork-
a bright tropical home office with a super bold accent wall, a cork lamp, some plants, a trestle desk and a grey chair-