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21+ Peacock Chairs For Boho Chic Interiors

21+ Peacock Chairs For Boho Chic Interiors

Boho living is a lifestyle, which is extremely popular right now - there are many free-spirited people who feel like living this way. If you are one of them and want to pull off this style in your home, too, you'll need boho rugs, tassels, Moroccan touches and macrame and maybe some woven and rattan furniture. A peacock chair is a statement piece that can immediately add a boho feel to your space, so you may get one and style it for your home. Where and how? Here are some ideas.

Neutral Peacock Chairs

Peacock chairs aren't usually painted, their colors and shades are all-natural. There are a lot of designs and various shapes and sizes of the back, so you can choose form a whole variety of options. You may style such a chair with a bright or neutral pillow, with a boho or folksy cushions, blankets, faux fur and other items. If you want a more modern touch, go for a rattan peacock chair, which looks non-traditional yet rather free-spirited.

Colorful And Embellished Peacock Chairs

If you want something bolder, cooler, fresher and brighter, stain or paint your peacock chair, you'll make a statement not only with boho style but also with the chair color. Dark stain or black paint will make the chair bold and modern - it's an ideal piece for a monochromatic space. Bright colors like rust, orange, yellow, pink or turquoise are also great for boho spaces as boho nooks are often very colorful. Try colorful yarn chair decor and make the piece even bolder and brighter, add tassels and matching cushions or pillows to achieve a super bright look.

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