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18+ IKEA Headboard Hacks For Chic And Functionality

18+ IKEA Headboard Hacks For Chic And Functionality

Your bedroom is perhaps the most important space in your house as here you relax, here you wake up and it creates a mood for the whole day. Thea's why decorating your bedroom in a cool and stylish way is essential, and your bed should be super comfortable and functional if necessary - this is the centerpiece of the room. Though many beds today come with no headboard, you can make one or hack an existing one adding decorative value and functionality to the bed. I've prepared some cool IKEA headboard hacks to get you inspired: some of them are IKEA headboards hacks, others are usual headboards redone with IKEA items - take a look and go crafting!

Headboards With Storage

Storage headboards are super practical: they give you additional storage space and you don't any nightstands anymore! This is a perfect idea for a small bedroom, and any large one, too, if you want a sleek minimal look. To get some storage, you can make a headboard of IKEA Trones cabinets - this is a very effective idea. Go for a Mandal headboard and add shelves to it for open storage. Attach Ribba or Mosslanda ledges to the headboard to make some hidden storage. Two Alex units with a wooden countertop is a cool idea to store many things inside.

Upholstered Headboards

An upholstered headboard is timeless classics, which brings a soft and cozy feel to the room and something else depending on the fabric you've chosen. You may try various colors, patterns and fabrics that match your bedroom style making a bold statement with your headboard. You can also wrap your headboard with weaving - go for leather or some fabric that you like and you'll give it a 70s inspired look. Pair upholstering and adding storage space inside your headboard for maximal result!

Other Headboards

Make an edgy headboard of cane webbing and Ivar panels - cane is very popular right now and it brings an outdoor feel to the space. Bekant office panels can be used to make a stylish oversized statement headboard. Clad an existing headboard with weathered wood for a rustic feel. Make a comfortable and trendy headboard of a usual cushion hanging it right on the wall – this will give an edgy touch to your bedroom.

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Ikea Malm Headboard Storage Hack
an IKEA Mandal headboard hacked with shelves for open storage is a very practical idea-
how to use ikea ivar panels in a bedroom-
a Vika Amon tabletop and Ribba picture ledges can make up a stylish headboard with additional storage-
IKEA Brimnes headboard turned into a colorful and interesting piece using decorative metal screens and bright paints-
an IKEA Tarva bed with a bright pink upholstered headboard lined up with decorative nails-
an IKEA Malm bedframe is renovated using some stikwood and screws to make it look stylish and natural-
an IKEA Hemnes bed with a headboard that is hacked with some foam and elegant brown leather to make it look chic-
an IKEA Malm bed frame with a headboard hacked with colorful fabric for a touch of color-