20+ Example Shelf Space Dividers for Functional Use Separation

20+ Example Shelf Space Dividers for Functional Use Separation

Shelf Space Dividers - If you live in a small studio apartment, if you need very functional and practical space division, there's nothing better than a shelving unit. A large shelf or a bookcase is a great idea to gently separate the spaces letting light through, it doesn't look too bulky and providing storage space at the same time - both closed and open. Besides, many shelves can be used as an additional decorative element and add style to your space. Let's have a look at the coolest examples and get inspired!

Shelving Units Going To The Ceiling

A shelving unit that goes up to the ceiling is a great idea: it provides much storage space, it makes your space look visually higher and more whole. There's a ton of ideas from a wall, which is taken by a built-in shelf totally to a standard shelving piece in white plywood. Order or make a shelving piece that perfectly fits your space in size and style, it's very important to keep your space harmonious.

If you want more privacy, go for closed storage units and cabinets, if you want an airy look, prefer open shelves. Combine both to make a unique look and let light through. A pass through large shelving unit is a creative idea that will also fit many spaces but it brings a more bulky and less airy feel.

Lower Shelving Units

Lower shelving units are also a nice idea but keep in mind that they won't add visual height to your space, which means that if your ceilings aren't that high, it's not a very good idea. If you want an airy feel, prefer a thin shelving unit of metal and glass or acryl, if you feel like more privacy, go for a shelving unit with baskets or boxes inserted. Try modular box shelving to create your own configurations or make changes as often as you like.

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Shelf Space Divider
Shelf Space Dividers
Bedroom Shelf Divider
Flue Space Shelf Dividers For Pallet Rack
Floor to Ceiling Shelf & Space Divider
Space Saver Shelf Dividers
Bedroom Divider Shelves
a large industrial shelving unit separates the living room and kitchen and adds an industrial feel to the space-
a studio apartment with a wooden shelving unit as a space divider and a home office nook in one-
create an entryway if there's none with a large wooden shelving unit with several box shelves-
build in a shelving unit right into a wall, add a fun geometric shape to the shelves to delicately separate the spaces-
a large white IKEA KALLAX shelving unit is a great space divider that lets light in and allows much storage-
a small shelving unit going up to separate the dining and living spaces in a small studio apartment-
such a creative looking storage shelf gently separates an entryway and a living room adding storage space-
staircase-like shelf modules allow you a comfy see-through storage space and you can change configurations any time-
a very ethereal shelf of metal and glass doesn't offer much privacy but doesn't look bulky and lets all the lights through-
make a slight transition from an entryway to the living room with a stylish wooden shelving unit with open shelves and cabinets-
a stylish built-in shelf is another cool idea to perfectly fit the interior and make it more personalized-
pass-through shelves to separate a kitchen and a dining zone and keep the space open enough yet separated-
a large white shelving unit is a very flexible tool to separate the spaces with comfort and let light in-
separate a nursery nook in your master bedroom with a comfy white shelving unit inserting some boxes for more privacy-
IKEA Kallax shelving unit hides a home office nook from the entryway and boxes inserted bring more privacy-
a large wooden shelving unit as a wall with an entrance to the living room is a cool solution for a mid-century modern or boho space-
a large white open shelving unit divides the living room and bedroom and lets much light going through-
a mid-century modern wooden bookshelf is a great idea to divide a living room and a kitchen or dining space-
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