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25 Coolest IKEA Chair Hacks To Try Right Now

20+ Coolest IKEA Chair Hacks to Crafting

Ikea Chairs Office - IKEA is the most popular furniture brand that is known for its timeless designs that can be modern and retro, classic and edgy at the same time. We keep sharing various IKEA furniture hacks and ways to use them such furniture comfortably at home. Today we are discussing IKEA chairs and stools that you can renovate to fit your space perfectly. Let's begin!

IKEA Tullsta Chair

An IKEA Tullsta chair is a comfy neutral chair with simple and plain upholstery but you can make it bright! You can use bright fabric paints to paint your chair and make it ultra-modern and super bright or even reupholster the whole chair with any print fabric you like.

IKEA Frosta Chair

IKEA Frosta chairs or stools are very simple and plain plywood pieces, and you can easily refresh your stool with bright paints - paint it, color block it or stencil it. You can even add a soft upholstered seat to the stool if you want to use it only as a stool and not as a side table.

Other IKEA Chairs

IKEA has a plenty of chairs and you can buy any of them and hack them all as you want. Use fabric paint or new fabric to reupholster or renovate the upholstery of chairs, if it's a rattan or wicker chair, you can refresh it with colorful yarn or tassels. There's an easy way to refresh any chair using spray paint - refresh the base and legs in any metallic shade. If you love more difficult decor, you can go for decoupage, for example. Get more creative and cool hacks below!

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