20+ Color Block Decor Ideas For Your Home Offices

20+ Color Block Decor Ideas For Your Home Offices

- Color blocking is a trendy modern decor idea for many spaces, and today we'll take a look at the coolest ideas to rock color blocking in home offices. The most popular home office color blocking is on the wall or walls, and it can be done in a usual way or with geometric touches. Let's take a look at some ideas!

Color Blocking On The Walls

Color blocking is a great idea to spruce up your space in a bold way, raise your mood and get a timeless solution for your home that will never go out of style. If you feel like subtle colors, go for lavender, greys, blush, light blues or greens. Wanna a pop of color? Go for mustard, emerald, hot pink, red, orange or some other shades. Rock any color combos you like on the walls, it can be easily done with paint or decals, if you are renting, this is the best idea. decals also feature cool geometric effects, and they can cover a whole wall if you want. As home offices are often integrated into open layouts today, you may also use color blocking to visually separate it: make a bold wall right where your home office is, showing off its borders. You may also highlight various spaces in your home office using color blocking: a reading space, a desk, a sofa or any other.

Other Ideas

How to color block avoiding the walls? if your wall is already painted some bold color, you may create a contrast with a color blocked desk - paint it in some bold shade inside. One more idea will work if you have drawers - you may paint each in a bold shade of your choice, and if you have a large drawer unit, you may shine bright with all the colors possible. Get inspired with colors!

  25 Photos
Color Block Home Office
make your home office welcoming and mood-raising with a color block effect in yellow and white-
a geometric color block wall in the shades of grey and blue is a non-boring decor idea in any space-
highlight your integrated home office with a color block effect, here it's black and dusty pink-
a girlish home office will look bolder and cooler if you go for a color blocked wall-
a home office nook with a navy wall and white drawers that create a bold color blocking effect-
a sweet and cute color block home office in blush and lavender with a color block effect-
a home office nook with grey geometric color blocking and a coral desk for a colorful touch-
go for bold geometric color block decals in the colors your like to make your home office cooler-
a home office spruced up with green, emerald, yellow and white and a geometric look-
a white and light green wall makes the space fresh and catchy, green helps people concentrate-
if you have a large storage unit with many drawers, go for color blocking to raise your mood every time you enter-
an emerald color block touch for a home office in a creamy space for a bright look-
mustard and white geometric color blocking will make your home office quirky and bold-
make your home office nook bolder with a combo of emerald and white, such a statement wall makes the space cooler-
a modern home office and crafting space with a geometric color block wall in pink for a cute look-
a cozy home office nook that is visually separated from the rest of the space with a geometric color block wall-
a light green color blocked wall makes the space cooler and bolder adding a modern feel to it-
a gorgeous geometric color block wall with blush, lavender and grey plus a blue lamp-
a creative way to rock color blocking at your home office with a graphite grey wall and a yellow touch on the desk-
a forest green and white color block wall is right what you need to make your home office bolder-
a home office done in light green and white with a color block effect plus warm-colored plywood-
a feminine home office with a geometric color block wall in pastel shades plus a matching pink chair-
light color blocking in blue and yellow and a matching chair-
a bright geometric color block wall in blush, grey and purple for a bold home office look-
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