20+ Awesome Christmas Balcony Decor Ideas

20+ Awesome Christmas Balcony Decor Ideas

Apartment Balcony Garden - Many of us live in apartments in big cities and not in houses, we don't have a terrace or a garden but there's still a way to decorate your outdoors: make your holiday balcony look so cool that everyone would envy! Go for colorful garlands, ornaments, lights and wreaths; if you want a natural touch, try fir branches and eucalyptus. If the space allows, put a seat and a Christmas tree on your balcony, add a blanket and some candles - and voila! You have a real Christmas terrace in miniature! Get more creative ideas and tips below and decorate your small outdoor space with chic and style!

Natural Decor

Evergreens and ferns are amazing to style your balcony for winter and Christmas. They can be added in garlands, wreaths, arrangements and posies and you can highlight them with lights, bells and berries. Accent the wreath or garland with a red bow, ornaments and other stuff. Pinecones are also nice to decorate your balcony, put them on shelves, furniture, floor or incorporate into garlands, wreaths and other decor. You can also put some Christmas trees in buckets, pots or vases on the floor, natural decor is timeless and cool.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments can be used to decorate railings, to make garlands and wreaths and to create arrangements in bowls and trays. Use a color scheme or go super bold rocking all colors of ornaments and different finishes. This is a cool idea for a decorating the balcony and such decor will last long.

Lights And Candles

Lights and candles are a must for creating a holiday ambience in your balcony. Use lights to decorate walls and railings, to accent garlands and wreaths, highlight your furniture with lights and enjoy the holiday feel. Candles are also amazing, put them in candleholders and candle lanterns to make the ambience cozier and more welcoming.

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